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Ieges isn’t a sadist!

I know its amazing. jk. He is no sadist he’s a psychologist. 🙂 Advertisements

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Sadists are mean

Well if you saw ieges comment the dummies are officially copyrighted to him (how can someone copyright 250 pixelations) So until I get word from him, dummy cloner is a bust. 😦 oh and if you want *note I think he … Continue reading

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ok this is how you clone: find your cloning candidate and. Then you find the zoom on you comp. BIG BLUNDER! oops. First go to a place where you can enter a room. and repeat step one. Then zoom 400% (ok … Continue reading

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congrats! 1000 hits tommorrow I will show you how to clone YAYA -Aaron

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Sad news…

we will not be competing. 😦 But it was worth a shot at the eddie song. 😉 I’ll finish it on my own and it will be posted on the blog.

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If you know that we have almost reached 1000 hits, ( which is a very hollow victory) BUT ONCE IT REACHES 1000 i WILL SHARE MY SECRET OF CLONING. If you ever want to clone. you know if… -Aaron

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I love blondies!!!!!!

Hope  she is da rite one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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