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We need a song guys!

come on! How about a setting for cryptids and Halloween too! That would be great! Advertisements


New Island!

Look! Kert found it! SOOO COOL

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Heads or Tails

I know Pirates were the thing of the past but say hello to my Captain Redbeard! He is stuck in between two ships. Should he choose chicken or Seafood?

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Yay we gunna add more songs! (by we, I mean eddie…)

listen up folks We’re (eddie) is gunna add new awesome and epic songs! So heads up for fresh new songs like songs about big pumpkins and other song that pwn the flaming skulls. so… Merry Christmas. Pray to Allah. Thank … Continue reading

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bOrInG BlOg rIgHt?

Well if you noticed how boring this blog is then YOUR NOT ALONE! I’m bored too. so enjoy this that ieges showed me! 🙂 *added note* I luv crepes

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Sorry for not posting and showing up for so long. My pc had problems. So I hope I didn’t miss anything….