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Yeah people use this word

look at the Mews Foundation News Report: – “This contest is the first of its kind,” said Cheerful Spinner, spokesperson for the Mews Foundation. “We’ve had enough of so-called ‘experts’ telling us that we’re crazy, that these monsters don’t exist, … Continue reading

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Guess that island!!!

Ok guess this island This place is so bad the sign should be “sorry we’re open.” ~Aaron


Wild West Island

ok, it is coming in the future soo…. WILD WEST ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guess That Island!!!

lets play a game of GUESS THAT ISLAND!!! ok guess this island. Heres a hint: its not on cryptids island.

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The world is cruel, but I learn to live with it.

I am going to keep this quixotic tradition ALIVE!!!! I is going to make da songs, show glitches and stop pracrastinating…. some other day. OK like on da weekends and Christmas Break. ~Aaron 😉 Look, I was bored OK,

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Have you ever wondered what Quixotic means

well since we’re closing: quix·ot·ic adj. extravagantly chivalrous or romantic; visionary, impractical, or impracticable. I guess the blog was impractical after all…

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I am leaving

I know no one will read this anytime soon but The odds are that this site has failed. I’ll quit as soon as it closes. -Aaron 😦

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