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Guess another island

okayz dis is pretty hard so I’ll maake the hints more sensible: look at any other clues in this picture that could point you…  *ahem* I like pigs Advertisements

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Guess that island!!! (again)

Guess this magnificient poptropica island: what? a hint? ok. …. Its a waterfall. 😀 ~Aang

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Wild West Song

(In melody of year 3000 : Jonas Brothers) One day, When I was walking down, the main street, saw bad guys everywhere. They stood up, pulled a shotgun, aimed and – shot my head away. I cried a bit, put a bandage, … Continue reading

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There’s a BATHROOM!!!!

sorry it took so long, I needed time to savor the toilet… ahem… soo… Dun, Dun, Dun, Dunn, Dunnn, DUNNN, DUNNNNNNNN!!!!! I present to you, the greatest invention ever created ( after the Iphone), DA PHOENIX WARBIRD. ( caw, caw) … Continue reading

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There is a dumb saying in this post.

I feel the need! The need for Speed!


All steamed up

Well I’m pretty angry for losing my junkboat but still this boat has a toilet! THAT FLUSHES!!!! OH THE HUMANITY!!! THIS IS A MIRACLE!!!!!! ~Aaron (the pirate who needs to see a doctor) O_ o_O_o_O_o_O

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For now on I’ve notice the only crew member left is aaron! Thank you aaron for keeping Quixotic alive! Now Im going to start making new songs! ~Eddie 😉