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Did anyone find… the bearded lady?

I hate to give this to you… but you haves something on your chin 🙂 ~Scurv Advertisements

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This is just plain creepy now

remember when I showed you that poptrpican back before…. This is getting kinda creepy…. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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Going back early… real early

So I was meddling with the zoom button and found the poptropica ship! That is a pretty good ship. But why does it have a gun? AHHHH THE CREAATORS A MURDERERS!!!!!!!! RUN FO YA LIVES!!!! HIDE YOU POPTROPICANS!!!!! SAVE YOURSELVES!!!!!! … Continue reading

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New Islands, New Song

Ok so this song goes by the Phineas and Ferb theme song: There’s a new island coming in poptropica land and, I wanna find a good way to hack it, it about the snowy land and a Japanese nation, but … Continue reading

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I found him

I found the dummy the creators use to portray poptropicans


Costume Conundrum

  hey wuzup! its me the piratey pirate who likes flying lemurs! I thought that some costumes would be nice eh? yee hee hee heee… YEE HEE HEE YEE HEEE, HAHAHA YEE HAHAHAHA WHO YOU CALLING MAD!!!! HAHAHAAHAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAA…. Aang(the pirate(the killer … Continue reading

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Ummm….New series to replace PWH.

Skipper-Lame. What Else? Crumb-That’s it. Skipper-That’s what? Crumb-It. Skipper- >:| Crumb- 😐 Skipper- 😡 Crumb- o_0 Skipper- DIEE! *nuke bomb*

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