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even the creators are messy

i was strolling down the streets of Mythology Island when I had a sudden thought and wanted to go into the Hades cave. As I entered I noticed a bat-like creatured above me. I was curious of is strange perplextion … Continue reading

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I have remastered the art of cloning

yes thats right, I have rediscovered a way to clone! Yes! After numerous failures from my old ways I, Aang the Ingenius Pirate, will show the World, how to recreate oneself. FOREVA!!!!! ( my intelligent broccoli is fluffy) WHOOO!!!! YEAH!!!! … Continue reading



sorry for the wierd post before but anyway. I have been visiting old ads and well… this. and its kinda wierd. O_O ~Aang

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The only Nontropica post

I recently was taught the Korean War and I thought how odd it seemed that the textbook seemed extremely bias and glorifies the U.S. and skips over N. Korean victories. I would like to raise awareness of how many things … Continue reading

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  There are many thing on here that must be taken to mind. Firstly, monster carnival is on the map. But what is odd is the fact it never had a logo. It must have been real, but some problem … Continue reading

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Red Hot Robots coming to Poptropica

They’re coming to poptropica, the revolutionary leap forward, this monsterous beast dwells in the deepest cave of evil, this piece of witchcraft soo evil that Voldemort wet his pants, this coal-burning, metal crushing, steam powered, automatron!!! Prepare yourself, this is … Continue reading

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Quick news for the Quixotic

I’d like you to vist this site cuz I said so: it is a great teleporter with lots of cool links enjoy 😉 ~Aang

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