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Something you don’t see much?

I was seaching Poptropica on Yahoo today, and at about page… say 25, I came up across some interesting links: the page was called Poptropica Birth Announcements… odd name… never understood it. Why were there spots of green and … Continue reading

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yep, I’m a stalker. I believe that is the pearson building. I believe: 501 Boylston St, Suite 900 Boston, MA 02116, so basically I know which section of the building they are in. I got the pics from Google Earth. … Continue reading

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Right now, I am sure the Creators stalk me.

I’m a little bit suspicious that the creators may be reading this blog. So I am hesitant to reveal the secrets though I am sure they can’t do anything about it. So anyway I am still going to tell you. … Continue reading

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I’m sorry that I mentioned that I was going to teach you how to clone but I never managed to post it. I am going to post it soon but I’m thinking of a good date to do so. while … Continue reading

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new island, new problems

now I know his name… and his evil twins name: I really wish I could get his watch and shoes… ~Aang

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imagine, if you will, in mid-fall when the leaves crisp through the chilled breeze. You are on your way home after a night full of chills and frights. You continue walking forward in the unforgiving night, with only the moon … Continue reading

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the new island dawns closer

well if you’ve been following poptropica then you may already know that the creators gave a clue to the new name of the island. well its coming soon and I already figured out the clue. Well since this island was … Continue reading

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